The Art of Getting Started by Lee Crutchley

I’m currently loving this artist’s self-help guide, which has just been released by Perigee, the same folks who published Wreck this Journal, Keri Smith’s best-selling book/sketchbook hybrid. 

Lee’s guide is similar in that it’s a playful, contagiously optimistic, creative kick-starter of a book, guaranteed to get those artistic juices flowing. As some of you may recall, overcoming artist’s block was the central theme of my graduate show earlier this year, so I applaud anyone who offers empowering exercises and methods to break down your monstrous block. As an illustrator, Lee understands firsthand the anguish of getting stuck in a miserable artistic rut.

Whether it’s perfectionism, procrastination, or plain old fear that’s holding you back, get ready to get inspired.


Balance Bookshelf by Chris Cush

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ART: Hidden Spaces by Jose Manuel Ballester 

Jose Ballester takes classical pieces of art and by combining digital photography and painting, empties them of people.

In doing so, he brings our attention to the backgrounds, landscapes, nature, and architecture of history and mythology. 

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The Crystal Dome is a kaleidoscope dome made out of Swarovski crystals.

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San Francisco Design Week by Manual

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SelgasCano Architects - El Batel Conference Center and Auditorium - Cartagena, Spain


Jason Rhoades Amazingly Intricate Neon Installations

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Johnsen Schmaling - Musician’s studio, Spring Prairie WI 2011. Via, photos (C) John J. Macaulay.

Multi-disciplined artist Francisco Infante-Arana and his wife Nonna Gorunova collaborate on a visually engaging series of images that utilize the transformative quality of mirrors. Without using any post editing software or any form of digital manipulation, the artists manage to create stunning sculptural land art with mirrors that reflect and, thereby, redefine their environment.

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Cedric Le Borgne

(top 3) ‘Les Voyageurs’, 2006, Geneve

(bottom 3) ‘Les Voyaguers’, 2011, Durham, UK

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Hierapolis Amphitheatre , Pamukkale , 2013


Hierapolis Amphitheatre , Pamukkale , 2013

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What inspires Jessica Castelari


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