San Francisco Design Week by Manual

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SelgasCano Architects - El Batel Conference Center and Auditorium - Cartagena, Spain


Jason Rhoades Amazingly Intricate Neon Installations

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Johnsen Schmaling - Musician’s studio, Spring Prairie WI 2011. Via, photos (C) John J. Macaulay.

Multi-disciplined artist Francisco Infante-Arana and his wife Nonna Gorunova collaborate on a visually engaging series of images that utilize the transformative quality of mirrors. Without using any post editing software or any form of digital manipulation, the artists manage to create stunning sculptural land art with mirrors that reflect and, thereby, redefine their environment.

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Cedric Le Borgne

(top 3) ‘Les Voyageurs’, 2006, Geneve

(bottom 3) ‘Les Voyaguers’, 2011, Durham, UK

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Hierapolis Amphitheatre , Pamukkale , 2013


Hierapolis Amphitheatre , Pamukkale , 2013

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3D Laser Cut Paper - Geometric Art by Eric Standley

Eric Standley is an artist and educator currently living and working in Virginia. In his incredible series of 3D laser cut paper art, Standley’s work is found at the intersection of art, technology, history and mathematics.

His vector drawings were initially inspired by the geometry in Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentation. The pieces are painstakingly assembled from laser-cut paper, layered to create elaborate 3-D works of art. Often these works are created using well over 100 layers of paper and can take months of planning and drawing. The result is so intricately detailed that the pieces must be viewed from multiple perspectives to be fully appreciated.

Standley uses an array of colors woven together with mathematical precision to create his art, combining 12th century architectural aesthetics with contemporary technology. In designing his pieces, Standley envisions three to seven layers of paper at one time, picturing how they will build upon one another. Source.

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Fashion Week, René Gruau


Seine Arche Nanterre by X-TU

Monolithic forms broken up by the varied façade patterning.

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Creepy Art in Abandoned Psychiatric Hospitals

For a project entitled “1,000 Shadows,” Brazilian street artist Herbert Baglione invaded abandoned hospital wards in Madrid, Paris and other undisclosed locales to add ghostly shadows to the already eerie buildings.

Spindly, stretched ghosts emerge under doors, float through windows and emerge out of objects’ shadows.


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